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Welcome to the BGE Library!




Pencil-grams are now available to purchase.  Send a Valentine Pencil-gram to your special student!  $1.00 each

• All Pencil-grams will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.
• Families will be able to write their own note to their student.
• Students will be able to choose from pre-printed options for their whole class. No need to shop at the store!
• All proceeds stay in our school and will be used to buy desperately needed books/tech equipment for the library!


Fill out the attached Pencil-gram note and return in a sealed envelope with your payment. Please write on the envelope: Library.  Orders due by Friday, Feb. 9th.




*Pencil-grams for middle-schoolers can be purchased also. They will be delivered to their AA teachers.**



Career Days!!

Each year our teachers ask students, “What would you like to be when you grow up?”  While we don’t expect every student to have their life planned out at this young age the majority of the answers were Gamer or Youtuber.  We have found that fewer and fewer students truly know the different types of careers that can be achieved.  We would like to help them see a whole new world of possibilities! 

Beginning in January, the library is seeking volunteers to come and speak to our students about their careers for 15-20 mins.  Some of the various questions you can answer could be:

·         How did you become interested in your current field?

·         What education/training did you need for your current position?

·         Describe a typical day at your job?

·         What advice do you have for students considering a job in your field?

·         Pros and cons of job

·         High school classes that would pertain to career

·         Your favorite task in your job

·         An exciting, funny, or unusual experience you have had in your career


We are interested in all backgrounds because we know that not everyone follows the same path.   This is a chance to inspire the youth of our school community by sharing your career journey, a typical workday, education requirements and more.  It gives our students an opportunity to speak with someone whose career choice interests them and to explore areas they may not have considered before.

We are still seeking individuals to come and speak after Feb. 27th. 


If you would like to volunteer, please click on the link below and fill out our google form to sign up for a time to visit the school.


Background checks must be completed before you visit the school.

Click on the Links section to view the videos from our speakers.