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Pam  Kassner
Student Advisor

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Student Advisor

Mrs. Kassner has been the Social Worker for Boone Grove and Porter Lakes Elementary Schools for 15 years. Her responsibilities include doing character education presentations, individual sessions for student issues, groups related to various topics, Red Ribbon week (drug and alcohol education), Blue Ribbon week (prevent child abuse), Bully Prevention and Education, Response to Intervention Facilitator and Safe Schools Committee member. Children may see her by their own personal request or a parent, teacher, principal or health provider can request it. Information shared is confidential unless it is reveled that the student is being hurt by someone, they plan to hurt someone or they plan to hurt themselves. In these cases the proper agency must be notified in accordance with the Indiana Child Protection Services Law. Mrs. Kassner enjoys working with children teaching them skills that can help them cope with emotions and actions. She feels it is a privilege to work with such amazing and creative teachers, administrators and students. Please feel free to contact her is you have questions or concerns about a childs emotional well being.

Mrs Kassner has 3 children and is married. She enjoys her pets that include fish, gecko's a California King Snake a tarantula and 2 dogs. In the summer camping and boating ar her favorite things to do. She likes to travel, see new things and meet new people. Mrs. Kassner has been an active participant in the Feast of the Hunters Moon a French and Indian war reenactment for 25 years, this is something she is very proud of. When she retires her goal is to adopt homeless dogs and train them to become therapy dogs for children and the elderly.