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Welcome to 4th Grade!!! You will find assignments along with upcoming tests/quizzes on this site.  There may be times when it is not updated, so please check your child's assignment book.

There are abbreviations listed at the beginning of the daily assignments.  Use the code listed below to help you.  They will also be used in your child's assignment notebook.

Any questions, you can email me from the e-mail link on my page (above).





                           PB = Practice Book    WB = Workbook    WS = Worksheet 




 PQA = Part of the Question in the Answer    


Example = What color is the sky?                 Answer in PQA = The color of the sky is blue.


Example = Who are the main characters in (title of a story) .  


Answer in PQA = (list  the characters) are the main characters in (the title of the story)